I believe that bigger is sometimes not always better.

Design is a vital part of the success of any new business, but I believe it should also be a fun and enjoyable process. I like to keep things light and personal which allows for a much more authentic and fluid experience during your relationship with me. When you call the studio, chances are you will be speaking directly with me, the person who has his hands on your project. This allows for a much more involved experience, as well as, cuts down on communication costs, and wasted time.

Being small does not mean that I have a small portfolio of services or limited experience. In fact, I network with some of the best creatives in their respected industries, and collaborate with them when the project

calls for it. So despite being small in numbers, I still offer an all star roster of artists when needed.

I have been involved in the design industry for many years now, and during this time I have developed the effective creative problem solving skills needed to tackle your business' needs. This is not just a job for me, it is my lifestyle, and it shows in the artwork that I produce for my clients. I bring to the table the skills required to produce the work of a "Large Agency" but maintain the boutique, personal touch that business' try to offer their clients. I like to look at myself as your business' "Creative Problem Solver".

"I love using House of DG's work to promote and grow my business. HoDG is a creative Tour de Force, and true artists in all aspects of the visual and conceptual elements of advertising, marketing and branding. Every dime I've ever sent their way to me was a true investment in my business, and it's evolution. HoDG is just on another level, they have a gift, and believe me when I say, you will be blown away every time you experience their approach,work and their attitude."

David Briand,
CEO, Shift Marketing Studio

"Johnny Del Guercio is an extremely talented and creative artist with the ability to breathe life into our company's vision. Over the past several years, John has been our "go to" guy for anything in the realm of marketing and promotion. He has created logos, websites, and a variety of promotional materials for The Dance Project, and continues to take our ideas to the next level. Johnny listens to what we need as clients and is flexible with making modifications. He has been a pleasure to deal with over the years, and we look forward to seeing what he comes up with next."

Jennifer Smith,
Owner, The Dance Project

"Creative, Quick, Committed to Quality are all words I would use to describe the outstanding design services provided by House of DG. We often hear comments like Effective, Compelling and Remarkable from those who respond to the marketing material that this creative studio produces. Absolutely I recommend HoDG's services."

Kathleen Keating,
Marketing Director, Elm Hurst Inn & Spa

You are doing business with me; the artist, the creator, the story teller, and the thinker, with no middle man.